Do you travel?
Yes! I love to travel and see new places! Whether it be travelling abroad for a destination wedding, or joining you in the UK for those closer to home celebrations. Just drop me an email with your event information and I'll try my best to make it happen!

How many photos will we get?
This is a difficult question as it depends on a number of factors. Things such as different packages, length of time, number of guests and also what's going on in general means there's no easy answer to this question! Most of my packages can be tailored to lower budgets for less images, so there's options for everyone.

What happens at a pre wedding photoshoot?
A pre wedding photoshoot is the perfect way to get to know your photographer and their way of working, and the process for how you'll receive your images. It also provides you with the opportunity to get more comfortable in front of the camera before your big day! I'm always up to explore new places and go on fun adventures for your shoot, or if you aren't sure where you'd like to go I can give you a list of my favourite locations! Usually the shoot itself lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the location and activity you choose. I tend to use this time to get to know my couples a bit more, have fun with them and take some posed shots so you know what to expect on your special day.

Can you help us with planning?
Of course! If you ever need recommendations for other suppliers such as florists, cake makers or hair and makeup artists just pop me a message! I've worked with a ton so I'm more than happy to pass on a few names to you!
How do we book you?
Simply send me an email with your event information to and I'll take it from there! Or you can use the contact form on my website.

When will we get our photos?
The answer to this question varies based on different packages and the time of year. For mini shoots I aim to have all images edited within 2-3 weeks, however this can be longer based on the time of year. For weddings it can take a lot longer as there's a lot more images to get through. I aim to have weddings fully edited within 8 weeks of your special day, however, during peak wedding season this can take up to 16 weeks. If you can't wait to see your pictures and would like them to be prioritised, for an additional £300 I can push them to the top of my editing queue and you'll have your images edited and sent to you within 4 weeks of your big day.

How will we get our photos?
Unless you opt to purchase a wedding album, all images are delivered digitally in a private online album. You can share the link with family and friends and download the full sized images directly from there.

What should we wear?
Honestly, whatever you're comfortable in! You always feel more confident when you feel comfortable. That being said, some colours and styles really make pictures pop, dependent on the location and time of year! I always suggest wearing outfits that compliment each other, either with similar styles or colours. If in doubt, give me a message! I can give you some colour ideas and what type of clothing will compliment the scenery (while also being weather and location appropriate!). I always say, you can never go wrong with soft neutral colours like beige!

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